3 Easy Steps for Deer-Proofing Your Yard

deer damage

If your yard and garden have suffered from deer damage, these three steps will help you protect your landscaping for years to come.

Living in an area where deer are densely populated can make maintaining your yard and garden a difficult challenge. Deer are especially present in the summer when the weather is warm and the days are longer. If your yard and garden have suffered from deer damage, these three steps will help you protect your landscaping for years to come.

Deer-Proof Plants

Investing in deer-proof plants is a great way to deter these pesky animals. Think of your plant selection as your first defense against deer. Plant fuzzy or hairy foliage in your yard instead of the plants you’ve noticed the deer continually gravitate toward. The bristles and hairs are bothersome to the deer, and they won’t indulge in your garden. Plants like this include lamb’s ear, lady’s mantle, flowering tobacco, and other fuzzy-textured plants. Prickly foliage with spiny leaves is also a great deer deterrent. Opt for plants like globe thistle, sea hollies, and bear’s breeches to safely add a pop of color and texture to your garden.

Effective Fencing

Choosing a deer-proof fence is your next step in preventing deer from eating your beloved plants and shrubs. Your fence will have to be tall, as deer can jump over an eight-foot fence in no time, so make sure your fence is at least eight feet tall. Since deer don’t like to jump over fences that they can’t see through, consider investing in a privacy-style fence for your home. If you want to keep your garden in plain sight but want the deer out, your next option would be installing an electric fence or double-layer fencing.

Chemical Tactics

Trying out chemical deer deterrent sprays is a popular option, but these are only effective when used properly. Most deer repellant sprays use a combination of both taste and odor deterrents. Look for repellants that stick to trees and plants well and for a long time. The key to making sure your repellants work is consistency, but investing in a deer repellant that sticks well is crucial to keeping deer away from your landscaping.

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