4 Reasons to Avoid Overwatering Your Lawn


If you use too much water for your lawn, it could lead to one or all of these common overwatering issues.

To some, it may seem counterintuitive, but there is such a thing as too much water for your lawn. Overwatering your lawn may cause much more harm than you realize. With a professional landscaping specialist, you can rest assured that your lawn is getting exactly what it needs to grow and thrive. To ensure that your lawn looks as healthy and as green as can be, try to correctly measure the water that you’re using. If you use too much water for your lawn, it could lead to one or all of these common overwatering issues.

Drowning Your Roots

One of the best aspects of grass is that it doesn’t require a lot of water. In order for grass to grow well, the roots of the grass plants need daily doses of oxygen. If you’re watering your grass every day, there’s no way that the roots are getting the oxygen they need to reach their full growth potential. Without the proper oxygen, the roots will suffocate and die, leaving the grass plants with shallow root systems that cannot support life.

Causing Stress on Grass

By overwatering your lawn, each grass plant becomes weakened and vulnerable. Without the proper amount of oxygen, the grass plants are under stress which makes them far more susceptible to diseases and insect damage. Even though diseases and insect damage can start on only one small patch of grass, it can quickly spread to the entire lawn and become a much larger problem.

More Weed Growth

Another common symptom of overwatering is excessive weed growth. Some weed growth in any lawn is normal and easily managed, but in an overwatered lawn, you may find more aggressive weeds popping up more frequently. This type of weed growth is more noticeable in lawns that have been continuously overwatered for two or more years.

Wasting Time and Money

With groundwater being the precious natural resource that it is, it doesn’t make sense to waste it on plants that simply don’t need it. When you hire a landscaping specialist, you’re ensuring that your lawn and additional plants are getting the proper amount of water every day. By not overwatering your lawn yourself, you’ll be saving time and money that can be used for much more important matters.

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