5 Ways To Winterize Your Landscape


Winterize your landscape with these tips!

As the temperatures drop, it becomes more and more important to protect your lawn from the harsh elements. Extremely cold temperatures can negatively affect your lawn’s growth, not only during the winter but for seasons to come. To combat this, you should winterize your lawn. Winterizing describes the process of preparing your lawn for cold weather. Here are five tips you can use to winterize your landscape.

Use Fertilizer

Fertilizing your trees and shrubs is important during this time because they don’t stop growing during the winter. Around this time the soil is moist due to precipitation and cold because of the chilly temperatures outside. These qualities make winter an ideal time to put some more effort into the growth of your trees and shrubs. Fertilizing them will aid in their root development and provide a great source of nutrients.


Because of the temperatures being so cold in the winter, it is vital to add mulch to your lawn. Doing this can help warm the soil up a bit, which can be effective in creating a good environment for growth. In addition, adding mulch to your lawn can make it easier to remove weeds from your lawn. Mulch also adds vital nutrients to your lawn.

Remove Debris

Debris on your lawn can result in your it not receiving as much sunlight as possible. The same can be said for the number of nutrients it gets. During the fall, leaves can cover your lawn, preventing it from getting vital nutrition. Fortunately, you can cut leaves up into mulch and make them benefit your lawn.

Water Your Plants

A common misconception is that people don’t need to water their plants during the colder, wetter parts of the year. You should water your trees about every three weeks, provided that the temperatures are above freezing. Your lawn and plants need water, so it’s crucial that you give it to them.

Prevent Damage From Insects

Insects can attack trees in the wintertime, so it’s essential to make sure you cut down on this as much as possible. As long as the temperatures are still above freezing, you can spray oil on your trees to prevent this.



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