A Guide to Protecting Plants Against Heavy Rain & Storms

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Here is a guide on how to keep your smaller plants protected during heavy rain and thunderstorms.

When storms come around, you may think that your plants are going to be fine. For your trees and shrubs, for example, this will usually be true. However, the same can’t be said for your smaller plants. The good news is that it’s a fairly simple task to provide protection for your smaller plants, so all that’s needed to save them is to be proactive and make sure you’re ready ahead of time so that storms don’t take their toll on your plants. Here is a guide on how to keep your smaller plants protected during heavy rain and thunderstorms.

Keep the Roots Safe

Protecting the roots of your plants is a simple and effective preventive measure you can take to prepare for heavy storms. By applying a 3-inch layer of mulch in the area surrounding your roots, they will be better protected from the cold that tends to come with heavy rain. Just be sure that the mulch is at a minimum of 3 inches away from the foliage.


It helps if you cover your plants with items such as buckets, pots, and other containers. This gives them a shield that protects them from damage that would be caused by rain and wind. The coverings you use have to be weighed down because it helps them stay in place. Cement blocks, bricks, and rocks function perfectly as weights for this purpose.


For some plants, you may be able to wrap them up using fabric, like burlap, and this helps keep them safe from various weather conditions. If you have any larger plants, shrubs, or vines, you can still use burlap as protection, but be sure to use a heavy twine to tie the fabric so that it stays in place.

For new trees that were planted recently, you should have the trunks covered up at the very least, but the frame needs to be made from posts that exceed the trees’ heights by around a foot. This ensures that your trees have sufficient protection from wind. If you wrap a tree entirely, it will be safe from cold weather.

Row Covers

To keep smaller plants protected against storm damage, you can also opt to use either a frost blanket or a heavy row cover. Using this option, just be sure there is some extra space on both sides and have it weighed down before a storm arrives.

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