Choosing Your Ideal Fire Pit

Choosing Your Ideal Fire Pit

To help make your decision easier, here’s what to consider for your fire pit when you choose to install one.

Isn’t it great when you can relax on an outdoor patio or deck and enjoy the scenery? It can be even easier to enjoy your surroundings when you have a warm, inviting fire pit on your property. The dancing flames of a fire pit, coupled with the serenity of a peaceful backyard, make it easier to settle down after a stressful day.

It’s cheaper to install a fire pit than a full fireplace, meaning they are more accessible to people who are watching their budgets. You can get them to be portable, which makes the fire pit lighter and easier to carry. This lets you take your pit wherever you need it instead of being confined to one space to enjoy your new feature.

There are a wide variety of fire pits these days, but not all styles go with all homes. You’ll want to think about what type of fire pit you want. To help make your decision easier, here’s what to consider for your fire pit when you choose to install one.

Picking a Style

Many varieties have popped up over the years. You have your classic round fire pit, which is popular for its traditional look and its portability. That said, you could also go with a square version. These resemble the look of low tables and are better suited for more spacious yards. You can use them as a gathering area for family and friends.

What Dimensions Will You Need?

There are two main sizes you can find for a standard fire pit. There are ones that are between 20 and 25 inches in diameter. These are better for more compact decks and patios. If that isn’t the size for you, there are other fire pits which are about 40 to 45 inches in diameter. These are comparable to an outdoor table in terms of size.

What is Your Fuel Source: Gas or Wood?

When you purchase a fire pit, you will use one of two fuel sources: gas or wood. If you elect to go with propane as your fuel, it’s more convenient for you because you don’t have to burn wood to create the fire. However, if you use wood as your fuel source, it’s more cost-effective. Also, using wood gives your fire pit that true campfire smell, sound, and look, which can only be generated by burning real wood.

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