Considerations to Make When Choosing a Fire Pit

Considerations to Make When Choosing a Fire Pit

If you’re going to have a fire pit installed, you have to consider a few things first.

People love the idea of having a fire pit, especially in the winter when you can appreciate the warmth it can add to your outdoor landscape. They provide you with comfort during brutal winter weather and supply you with more light, which is helpful since sunlight in winter doesn’t last as long. Over the years, more people are starting to appreciate what a fire pit can do for people’s homes. You might be wondering how you can benefit from having one installed. If you’re going to have a fire pit installed, you have to consider a few things first.


When you have a professional install your fire pit, it’s going to come at a price. This price will vary depending on what fire pit you want.  Smaller pits can cost around $400 while you might need to pay a higher price if you want a larger one installed. You should take some time to consider what function it’s going to serve for you before you make a final decision.


The interior of most fire pits tend to be made from metal materials or stone that is resistant to fire. Some interiors are made from clay or concrete as well. There are safety concerns revolving around concrete, however, because if the fire pit isn’t installed properly and it doesn’t have sufficient oxidation, the concrete wall can crack or even explode! Also, avoid fire pits that have porous river rocks because these can also crack and explode at high temperatures.

Many metals will do just fine, but you need to know which ones are safe to expose to the outdoor weather. Some metals, such as iron and copper, might rust or oxidize.

Stone fire pits are a popular choice because they look more natural and help you feel more at one with nature. They won’t get damaged by rainy or cold weather and their colors won’t fade, meaning they retain their beauty for a long time.

When considering a base, gravel and lava rock or both great ideas. You could also go with logs as a fuel source, but the smoke they produce when burnt could be a concern if you inhale it.


Deciding on a location for your fire pit is a challenge. You want to avoid having it installed anywhere with low-hanging branches because they could catch fire. You should also provide enough space for heat and smoke to leave the area so that it doesn’t get on your house and furniture. It’s generally recommended to have at least 7 feet of open space around your fire pit. Lastly, you want your fire pit burning as far from your grass and any other flammable materials as you can.

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