Features to Make Your Outdoor Kitchen More Enjoyable This Spring

Features to Make Your Outdoor Kitchen More Enjoyable This Spring

Read along below as we explore some features that can make your outdoor kitchen really stand out.

Spring has essentially sprung—if still somewhat tentatively and inconsistently: raincoat one morning, heavy parka the next—then, twenty four hours later—tank top weather! Carpe these increasingly frequent and lovely diems, everybody; spring truly is the perfect time to enhance your outdoor space and install that outdoor kitchen you may well have been salivating over (so to speak?) throughout your wintery dreams…

Whether you’re a master cook or just getting to know the latent grilling guru within, an outdoor kitchen is fantastic environment to harness boss-level or burgeoning skills—and do a little entertaining in the process (though hopefully not via culinary mishaps…).

Read along below as we explore some features that can make your outdoor kitchen really stand out and be the talk (-the envy!) of the neighborhood this season.

Outdoor Kitchen Oven

Sure, grills and fire pits are most commonly associated with outdoor cooking, but an outdoor kitchen oven can really help take your cooking skills to the next level. If you’re tired of relying on your oven to “steaming” excess inside during extra hot weather, note that its outdoor counterpart will certainly allow you to broil, bake, and cook to your heart’s content without breaking a dreaded chef-sweat. And for your further consideration: a mini pizza oven, that is, if you love the idea of easily making delicious pizzas any time you want while simultaneously saving precious indoor floor space and subverting all associated hustle/bustle.

Outdoor Kitchen Griddle

Few things in life are better than (cooking and/or chowing down on) a great big go-for-broke outdoor breakfast, the kind that leaves everyone comfortably comatose and already feeling a little nostalgic. Whether electric or gas-powered, a griddle provides ample space for firing up a mega batch of pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs—the latter in this case encouraged to get on your face (napkin nonetheless encouraged.) Best of all, griddles are conveniently compact and easily incorporated into your existing grill or range setup.

Outdoor Bar

Cultivate that classy and relaxing (-or hey, decadent and glamorous!) atmosphere in your bonus kitchen with a fully-loaded outdoor bar. As spring’s settling into its sweet spot, weather-wise, this is a fabulous spot to mix up cocktails, serve drinks on tap, or savor a refreshing “mocktail” if hard stuff isn’t for you. Don’t forget to put some real thought into a bar seating that best accommodates company and keeps ‘em coming back for more.

Grill Island

Make your grilling experience by (figuratively and literally) positioning your grill as the star of the show. A grill island provides boundless freedom to get your sizzle on, grants easy access to all your grilling tools, and negates the irksome need to run back indoors for this and that. Pro tip: Consider adding a side burner to prepare sauces and sides while entrees are cooking.


To create a cohesive, aesthetically appealing outdoor kitchen, it’d be wise to look into some hardscaping elements. Modern concrete can emulate the luxurious look of natural stone and can be customized with all manner of designs in any color. Stacked stone always tends to add a rustic touch, perfect for hearths, fire pits, and ovens alike.

Closing Thoughts

Now’s the time, be you a mother hen or a spring chicken: With careful planning and some sound professional collaboration, you can transform your spare outdoor space into a culinary haven that’ll guarantee years of good eats and good memories—while significantly upping your home’s resale value to boot!

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