How to Identify a Bad Landscaping Company Using These Red Flags

How to Identify a Bad Landscaping Company Using These Red Flags

Here’s how you can tell that you have a bad landscaping company on your hands.

If you own either commercial or residential property, you understand the importance of good landscaping. In fact, even spending money equal to only 5% of your property’s value can help you sell it for 150% of its initial worth when you go to sell. Naturally, you’ll want to put your trust in a dependable landscaping company to get your property looking presentable.

However, all companies will tell you that they’re great, and not all of them can deliver on this claim. You want to avoid any unreliable companies so you can get the maximum value from your property. Here’s how you can tell that you have a bad landscaping company on your hands.

You See Bad Reviews

Since we live in a digital age, it isn’t hard for people to learn about landscaping companies before they arrive at your door. While it’s still great to get in-person reviews of a landscaping company, it helps to get extra clarification from the many people who review companies online.

One bad review shouldn’t be cause for alarm, but if you see that a majority of the comments are negative, you may be best to steer clear of that company.

Communication Isn’t Great

Your landscaping company should be available when you need them. Now, while a company may not be around 24/7 to address your concerns, they should be able to answer your calls and messages without making you wait too long. Companies that make you wait an insufferable amount of time are the same companies that aren’t worth your time. It’s especially problematic if they make you wait when you already scheduled an appointment with them. Make sure you hire a landscaping company that gives your project the attention and care that it deserves.

The Staff Hold Negative Attitudes

There’s more to a landscaping company than the services they provide. They should also have staff members who are friendly and approachable. When you talk to them about what you want done on your property, they should never be combative and try to tell you why your image is wrong. Instead, they should work with you to help you realize the image you want for your landscape. Just because they’re professionals, it doesn’t mean they automatically know what you want. Only go with a landscaping company that respects your opinions and helps you reach your goals.

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