How to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden

How to Keep Pests Out of Your Garden

Here is what you can do to get pests out of your garden.

Are you dealing with pest issues in your garden? Pests pose a potent threat to your garden since many insects will start eating your plants and causing damage. The sooner you deal with pests, the better. Here is what you can do to get pests out of your garden.

Make Sure You Have Healthy Soil

The key to healthy plants is in the soil. Healthy soil helps build up your plants’ immune systems, making it easier for them to combat disease and fend off pesky insects. To make your soil better for your plants, it’s best to use a natural fertilizer. Landscaping companies have professional-grade fertilizers that make them the best option to use on your garden.

Choose Resistant Plants for Your Garden

One of the easiest ways to keep pests away from your garden is to use plants that can naturally resist them. When plants handle some of the work for you, it makes tending to your garden easier. Just remember that this is no substitute for yard maintenance. You’ll still have to check on your plants from time to time.

Plant Everything in the Right Spaces

Do research on your plants before you install them in your yard. Plants that need more sunlight should be placed in naturally sunny areas. Flowers that need more moisture to survive should be planted in spaces that stay moist longer. A landscaping company can tell you what type of care your plants need, and they can also help with the installation process if you haven’t planted them already.

Draw in Beneficial Insects

You may be surprised to hear us say that insects are good for your garden since we’ve been talking about the damage insects can cause. The truth is that not all insects cause damage to your plants. Some insects actually prey on the pesky ones and only seek shelter, pollen, and nectar. To keep these friendlier insects around your garden, plant flowers that provide them with these resources.

Repel Pests

There are herbs with powerful scents capable of keeping pests away. These herbs are easy to find and they go well with various flowers you’ll likely have around your garden.

Create Walkways

Walkways are great for attracting beneficial insects to your property. It needs to be a permanent walkway to be effective, though because temporary ones are tilled, which means these insects and their habitats get destroyed.

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