Keep Weeds Out of Your Yard This Summer

Keep Weeds Out of Your Yard This Summer

Here’s what you can do this summer to help you win your battle against weeds.

For many homeowners, nothing is more bothersome than going into your yard and seeing that weeds have popped up. Weeds are not only unsightly, but they are also a hassle to remove. To keep them under control, it’s best to get rid of them early before they spiral out of control. Here’s what you can do this summer to help you win your battle against weeds.

Address Them as Early as Possible

Any weed is easier to manage before it has time to grow and spread. Many common varieties tend to spread their seeds during autumn. The seeds will stay dormant until the weather gets warmer. It will require a pre-emergent herbicide to deal with them before they sprout. A professional landscaping company can help you with the proper application of this herbicide.

They Feed on Barren Lawns

Weeds are dependent on getting a lot of sunlight. Otherwise, they won’t grow. For this reason, they look for bare spots in your yard to start their takeover. You’ll need to take good care of your lawn and make sure your grass stays healthy. A lawn care company can provide the level of care your yard needs to defend against weeds.

Post-Emergent Spot Spraying

Weeds will find their way into your yard by some means, whether it be birds dropping them in or the winds blowing them onto your property. If you get pre-emergent herbicide applied at the right time, there likely won’t be many, if any, of them left to contest your lawn. But, to make sure they don’t resurface, post-emergent herbicide can put your problem to rest for good. Using spot spray will deal with the ones that still remain. This way, seeds won’t be a problem in the fall.

Make Sure Your Grass Get Watered, Not Your Weeds

Since weeds can often get mixed in with your grass, this can be difficult to accomplish if you’re not careful. Some people try using sprinklers to water their lawns, but this isn’t a good idea when you have a weed problem. Sprinklers not only water your grass, but they also keep your weeds hydrated and thriving. Try other means of watering your lawn so that weeds don’t get any of your water. Such methods include using a watering can or using drip or bucket irrigation. If you can keep them dry, they will weaken and be less likely to pose a threat to your lawn.

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