Keeping Insects That Threaten Your Trees Under Control

Keeping Insects That Threaten Your Trees Under Control

Here is how you can minimize the threat level insects pose to your trees.

Your yard is likely going to pay refuge to many different insects. However, many of them will do your trees no harm. In fact, a lot of insects can be beneficial to your trees. But there are going to be certain species that prove to be problematic. If you don’t address these insects, you’re going to put your trees at great risk. Here is how you can minimize the threat level insects pose to your trees.

Find Out Which Insects Are Threats to You

There are going to be live insects in all of your trees, but as we’ve stated earlier, most of these insects will pose no threat to them. So how do you determine which ones demand your attention? This is going to take some research, and you’ll need to watch out for certain indicators that something is wrong with your trees.

One ominous sign is if you notice something that resembles sawdust around your trees. This could mean you have borers, which are a type of beetle that digs their way inside of your wood. Carpenter ants could also be playing a role in this scenario.

You should also monitor your leaves. Yellow leaves that have started to curl up could mean all sorts of things. But if you see that there are groups of little bugs that are either white, black, or green, aphids could be the problem. These pests inject poison into the leaves of your trees while feeding on sap.

Encourage More Beneficial Insects to Come to Your Landscape

You don’t have to do all of the work yourself to keep problematic insects at bay. In some instances, you only need to bring the right insects over to help you out. Some creatures, such as ladybugs, spiders, and dragonflies, are known for consuming more harmful bugs.

If you want to lure these insects to your yard, create a garden and offer them a variety of plants. Also, a nice layer of mulch around your trees can help because it grants these helpful critters a place to hide. Just make sure the mulch is around your trees but not touching them.

Lastly, don’t use any harmful pesticides as a means of insect control. These pesticides can do harm to your helpful critters as well. If you absolutely must use pesticides, stick to ones that are organic and spray the pests directly instead of spraying the pesticide around your tree.

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