Prevent Crabgrass with These Simple Landscaping Tips


Keep your landscape looking fresh, green, and well-manicured with these crabgrass prevention tips!

Crabgrass is an unsightly weed that can take over your lawn if left unchecked. With proper landscaping techniques and patience, you can prevent crabgrass from growing or spreading to other areas of your lawn. Keep your landscape looking fresh, green, and well-manicured with these crabgrass prevention tips!

Let It Grow

Crabgrass often waits until the hottest, driest parts of the summer to wreak havoc on your beautiful lawn. If your lawn has been looking a bit sun-beaten, this is when crabgrass can take over. By watering your grass regularly and keeping it thick and healthy, crabgrass has a much smaller chance of growing and subsequently spreading.

Use the Right Mulch

Getting right down to the root of your grass is the best place to start if you’ve noticed some crabgrass forming. Making sure that your soil is healthy is a great way to prevent spreading. If you’re unsure of how to re-mulch your lawn or which kind of mulch is best, working with a local landscaping service is the best way to restore difficult crabgrass.

Pre-Treat Your Lawn

There are many kinds of chemical pre-treatment solutions that you can buy from any lawn and garden store. The best time to use the pre-emergent treatments is in the early spring, as the grass is beginning to grow again. Even if you wait a little later into the spring, that’s okay because crabgrass doesn’t start growing until the high heat of the summer kicks in.

Late Summer Crabgrass

If you notice crabgrass growing later in the season, this can be a bit tricky. You can try and pull the weed by hand, but this can be time-consuming manual labor. If you don’t have the time or the energy to do this yourself, hiring a local landscaping service that specializes in crabgrass prevention is the best way to have this pesky weed removed for good. Professional landscapers can also give you additional lawn maintenance tips if you see the crabgrass re-emerge.

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