Services a Landscape Contractor Can Offer in Fall

Services a Landscape Contractor Can Offer in Fall

Here are some of the services you should always expect a landscape contractor to provide.

Homes in Maryland have wonderful lawns to go alongside them, but they won’t stay wonderful for long unless you give them the proper level of care. The way to get the highest quality care for your lawn is to hire a landscape contractor. Different companies offer different services, but there are some universal services that all companies should offer. Here are some of the services you should always expect a landscape contractor to provide.


Any landscape contractor should offer mowing services. Lawn mowing will be a vital part of keeping your yard in good condition all the way until winter. If you’re going to ask for your lawn to be mowed, it’s important for the company you hire to know how large your lawn is and if there are any areas that are blocked off. This will make it easier to determine what tools they should use, and it will help them settle on a price.


Mulching helps your yard to stand out among others and make your property more valuable. Before mulching is done on your property, ask your landscape contractor about which type of mulch they use and what the cost would be to maintain all throughout the year.

Lawn Fertilization

While the weather is starting to cool down, the sun can still take a toll on your lawn if you’re not prepared. With the help of a competent landscape contractor, you can get your lawn fertilized so that it won’t get burnt out by the sun. Fertilization helps your lawn remain vibrant and stunning all year long.

Leaf Removal

This will become increasingly important as we get deeper into the season of fall. Leaves can clog up your yard and even cause problems to your drainage system if left unchecked. Getting help from a leaf removal service helps your yard get ready for winter. If that’s not enough, leaf removal services are also offered during the spring, and you can often pair this service with mulching services a landscaping company may offer.

Grass Planting

It’s not easy knowing where to lay your sod and it pretty much depends on how you want your lawn to look. A professional landscape contractor can make this decision much easier for you, as they’ve worked on enough properties to know what look would best suit your yard. Just be sure that they clear out the area instead of install on top of any sod you already have.

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