What Services A Lawn Care Company Offers

What Services A Lawn Care Company Offers

Find out what services a lawn care company can do for you.

Maintaining a lawn is hard work. It takes a great amount of time and energy to get done. You could try to handle all of the work on your own. However, it might be in your best interest to hire a lawn care company to help lift some of the burden off your shoulders.

So, what can a lawn care company do for your home? Different companies offer different services, and you may need to do some research to find out about specific services each company offers. But there are some services that are fairly standard among all companies. Find out what services a lawn care company can do for you.

Lawn Mowing

One of the primary jobs a lawn care company takes on is mowing lawns. A mown lawn leaves your yard looking neat and tidy. Professionals have many types of mowers that are used for the different types of grass they cut and will know exactly which one is needed for your lawn. They also know what height to leave your grass, which will vary depending on a number of outside variables.

Landscape Design

A lawn care company is going to want to make your yard look as pleasant as possible. This means that, oftentimes, they will have ideas on how to improve the look and function of your yard. By letting professionals provide input on landscape design, your yard can become more aesthetically-pleasing and more functional.

Grass and Leaf Blowing

Plants and trees around your yard are constantly shedding, leaving leaves to pile up on the ground. If you don’t address all of that debris, it can bring in all sorts of pests and diseases. You need to remove the leaves from time to time so that you can keep your lawn clean and green. It’s a chore that requires constant maintenance, so it’s usually easier to let a professional allocate their time to the work rather than have you repeatedly attend to the task.

Turf Nutrient Management

A lawn care company will often offer services to keep your lawn healthy. They will use various fertilizers to keep your grass resistant to non optimal conditions and to promote healthy growth. The care a lawn care company provides will change throughout the year as the weather changes because your lawn will need different types of care with different types of weather.

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