What to Do If Flowers are Wilting From Summer Heat

What to Do If Flowers are Wilting From Summer Heat

Severely hot weather can cause flowers to wilt and wither sooner than they would have normally.

The summer is one of the best times of year to be outdoors, in part because of the beautiful array of flowering plants. Few things are as beautiful as a well-planned and well-maintained garden in full bloom. In addition to beautiful flowering plants, summers in our area also offer up incredibly hot weather, which can be unfortunate for those flowering plants. Severely hot weather can cause flowers to wilt and wither sooner than they would have normally. If you want to help your beautiful blooms last longer this summer, follow these tips to help them beat the heat this summer and through summers beyond.

Hydration Is Key

Most heat distress in plants is due to a lack of water. You can recognize the early signs of heat distress in your blooms if they tend to look droopy and wilted in the afternoon but fine the next morning. In addition to wilting flowers and drooping buds, look for yellowing of the leaves or brown, yellow, or white spots. If your flowers are suffering from the heat, the first thing to do is make sure they’re getting enough water. Flowers in pots tend to dry out more quickly, especially dark pots that hold in heat or unglazed terracotta pots that allow more evaporation. If possible, move your flowers into the shade and make sure they’re getting plenty of water. Your best bet is to water them in the early morning to allow minimal evaporation but not promote fungal growth either.

Other Tips To Consider

The last few weeks have been pretty dry in our area, but if you’re consistently having to heavily water your flowers to keep them alive every year, you might consider changing what you plant. There are many varieties of native flowering plants that thrive in our region because of their drought tolerance. Black-eyed-Susan flowers are one very popular example.

Tips For Cutting Flowers

If you want cut flowers to decorate tables or countertops inside your home or on porches and patios, keep these tips in mind. Cut flowers will last longer if you cut them in the morning than later in the day because their stems are full of water. Once you cut them, trim any leaves that would be below the water line and cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. Make sure that the vase stays full during the heat of the day when evaporation is easier and change the water every few days. Recurring the stems when you change the water can also help the blooms stay nice longer.

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