What to Plant In The Fall

You can plant beautiful flowers during the fall.

Fall is a season that brings lots of vibrant colors and landscaping opportunities. There is usually a good amount of rain in the fall, and the temperatures are great for sustaining plant life.  This gap between summer and winter provides a chance for plants’ roots to grow before the soil freezes and to maintain your lawn. The cool air and ample moisture provide a great environment for plant growth, and the area around your home provides a great place for these plants. We offer landscaping services that you can use this fall, including:

  • Sod installation
  • New planting bed installation
  • Removal of plant material
  • Grading and drainage system installation and maintenance
  • Hardscapes

Here are a few plants that you can use to upgrade your fall landscaping.


Annuals are plants that complete their life cycles within the span of a year. When looking to plant annuals in the fall, make sure you choose ones that are cold tolerant. These plants will not be compromised by typical fall temperatures, which makes them ideal. Also, planting annuals will ensure that you’ll have beautiful plants in the fall for years to come.


If you decide to plant perennials in the fall, it’s important to do so early in the season. Planting perennials well ahead of the first frost is necessary to ensure that they’ll grow and thrive. These plants look great and are long-lasting.


Fall is a great time to get into gardening! There are several plants, including greens, beans, and tomatoes that you can grow in your own yard. Not only will they provide a pop of color in your yard, but they will also give you a food source.


This is a good time to grow shrubs and trees because although it is fall, the soil conditions are good. Planting some shrubs and trees will boost the appeal of your home and in time, will give you some fall foliage. In addition, by the time it is spring, these plants will have established root systems.

Early Fall Landscaping With Sposato Landscape

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