What’s The Difference Between Hardscape and Softscape?

Hardscaping elements like patios serve as your landscape’s foundation.

To create an effective, beautiful area around your home, it is important to incorporate both softscape and hardscape. Many may be unfamiliar with these words but can recognize elements of both softscape and hardscape when they see them. Here is some information about the difference between softscape and hardscape and how they can work together to create a beautiful overall landscape.



Hardscape describes man-made, non-living features of your home’s landscapes.  Things like patios, decks, and gravel paths are all examples of hardscape. These elements serve several different purposes, including creating a path through your property and making it so that you have another living space outside your home. Think of hardscape as the “hard” foundation of your outside landscape. It is important to establish good hardscaping before adding the softscape features.



By contrast, softscape encompasses all living things in your landscaping. Trees, soil, and hedges are all examples of softscape. Unlike hardscape, which is more permanent, softscape can be temporary. You can plant new vegetation or remove shrubs that you no longer want to be in your yard. It also can change as the seasons progress as plants can bloom and die as time goes on. Softscaping includes lawn care and many of the other things that come to mind when you hear the word “landscaping”.


Why Do You Need Both?

Both hardscape and landscape serve their purposes, so it is important to incorporate both into your overall landscape. Planting shrubs and other plants can help to beautify for backyard. Creating a stone walkway for your home can make a path for your family to walk on.  You can even use both hardscaping and softscaping for the same purpose. For example, you may want more privacy around your home.


You could use a combination of a stone wall and tall hedges to get the job done. Or, you could use a retaining wall in conjunction with your plants to create a gorgeous display. Too much of either hardscape or softscape could lead to your home looking too industrial or unkempt. Hardscape and softscape are both essential parts of making sure your property looks beautiful, so it’s important to use a good balance of both.


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