Common Issues With Landscape Drainage and How to Get Them Solved

Common Issues With Landscape Drainage and How to Get Them Solved

Here are some common drainage problems and their solutions.

Drainage problems are fairly easy to detect. You’ll notice signs such as water lines that rub against the walls of your home, yard rivets that give the appearance of small streams, and bare roots. It’s bad enough that these can make your home look uglier, but on top of that, there can be serious consequences if these drainage problems don’t get fixed.

There are various reasons your drainage system may have issues. Among these reasons, some are more common than others, and we want to go over how to address them so you can preserve your yard for the upcoming spring season and enjoy the outdoors. Here are some common drainage problems and their solutions.

Insufficient Elevation at Your Foundation

You don’t want water to gather around your home’s foundation. It poses a serious risk to drywall and wooden floors while also has the potential to make your foundation fail entirely. If your house slab is elevated enough to get a slope that redirects water from the structure, you avoid this problem.

Not everyone has this luxury, however, so to accommodate, you can grade around the building so that there is a new path for water to follow. There’s also the option of installing a sub-surface drainage system that makes use of a pipe and catch basin.

Plant Bed Designs

Many people enjoy having plants around their yards so that they have something beautiful to appreciate. While this is perfectly fine, the layout of plant beds needs to be thought out carefully.

Plant beds can easily impede the flow of water if installed improperly. This stops water from moving where you want it to go, and your plants can be killed as a result.

To avoid drowning your plants, use a drainage solution that has a site level and calculator. These will help you determine the right slope needed to get water to its desired destination.

Water Traps

With improper grading, you can end up forming depressions in your yard, and these can hold excess water in them. Your lawn will start dying off if the excess water is allowed to linger, and you’ll also have undesirable marshy conditions around your yard.

Creek beds are a good fix for this problem. If you install creek beds, stormwater can pile on them instead, all while improving the look of your yard. If you’re unable to use gravity to get water where you want it, there are mechanical options available that make use of sump pumps to help transport water.

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