Winter Landscape Maintenance & Lawn Care Suggestions

Winter Landscape Maintenance & Lawn Care Suggestions

Here are lawn care tips we have for you during the winter so that your plants and grass can grow healthily in the spring.

We’re currently in the heart of the winter season, and nothing would be more enjoyable than being able to cozy up by a warm fire and stay inside. However, you can’t ignore your outdoor landscape during the winter. There is a great amount of work that needs to get finished if you want to make everything easier for you when spring arrives. Here are lawn care tips we have for you during the winter so that your plants and grass can grow healthily in the spring.

Keep Your Yard Clear

Simply keeping your yard free of debris is a big part of winter lawn care. If you haven’t cleared all of your leaves at this point, you should waste no time getting them off your lawn. If leaves are allowed to sit on top of your grass all winter long, the grass that’s beneath them will eventually die.

Mulching Always Helps

You can give your yard much more protection against the winter elements by laying down a layer of mulch. This helps minimize water loss and keep erosion under control. The amount of mulch you use should amount to around two inches, which will help regulate your soil’s temperature around the roots of your plants.

If there aren’t a lot of leaves around your yard, a mower could be used to mulch whatever you have, granting your grass plenty of nutrients.

Keep Young Trees Protected

Sometimes, animals can become a threat to your young trees. To keep those animals away, use wire mesh to barricade your trees. This way, animals won’t be able to chew away at the bark of your trees throughout the season.

Make Sure You Prune Your Plants

While winter isn’t seen as a season for landscaping, it’s actually the perfect time to prune all of your plants. Pruning is the equivalent of opening up a wound on your plant, and you want your plants to have time to heal from their wounds. Winter becomes the ideal time for healing because there isn’t as much stress on your plants during this season. This helps them heal more easily.

Don’t Allow People to Walk On Your Lawn

Part of proper winter lawn care is to keep people off your lawn. When grass takes on more foot traffic, it won’t recover as quickly or easily. By keeping people away from your lawn, your grass can come back to life with little trouble once spring arrives.

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