Deciphering Between Dead and Dormant Grass

Deciphering Between Dead and Dormant Grass

To figure out if you have dead or dormant grass, here is what you can do.

It can be baffling to find brown grass around your landscape. We know grass is supposed to be green, so when you see that it’s brown, you should suspect there to be a problem. But what is the problem, and what’s causing it? Is the grass alive? Sometimes it’s tough to determine whether your grass is dead or dormant. If it’s dead, it won’t grow back as opposed to when it’s dormant, in which case it will come back when the weather is suitable. To figure out if you have dead or dormant grass, here is what you can do.

Use a Tug Test

Tugging at some of the grass on your lawn is a great way to determine what condition it’s in. When it comes out with minimal effort, it likely means that it’s dead. If your lawn is dying, you’ll want to find a company that can help you regrow it. It will require a great deal of seeding, sodding, and mulching to keep your lawn in good condition.

However, if your grass doesn’t come out so easily, it’s likely just dormant, and it will grow back later. You don’t have to worry.

Try to Find Patterns Around Your Lawn

Is your whole lawn brown, or are you finding patches of brown mixed in with your green? Your grass is likely dormant if the entire lawn is the same brown color. But, if you see patches of green, your lawn likely has some dead spots.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to give up on your lawn right away. There could be some pests or diseases that will show similar symptoms. You should consult a landscaping company before jumping to conclusions regarding why your grass is brown. Professionals will be able to give you the most accurate assessment.

Keep Temperature Changes in Mind

Weather plays a monumental role in how your lawn looks, so before you worry about your lawn, consider how warm or cold it is outside. Cool-season grasses will stay dormant when the weather is warm for an extended period of time. Conversely, warm-season grasses are dormant when it’s cold outside. When the weather is suitable for these grasses, they will return to their green color. If you want green grass all year long, you’ll want to have a combination of warm and cool-season grasses.

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