Flowers You Should Plant This Fall

Flowers You Should Plant This Fall

Read along below to learn how you can create your own personal fall masterpiece with a positively stunning variety of fall-friendly flowers.

As the weather starts to cool down, so comes the quick shift into fall mode: vibrant foliage; cozy sweaters; pumpkin spice inundation. …The vague existential sense of change mirrored (or engendered?) by that of one season into the next… Hm. It’s hard to say why fall feels like ‘fall,’ but it seems to be a sensation largely shared in the cultural sense. -Fall is fleeting.

Read along below to learn how you can create your own personal fall masterpiece with a positively stunning variety of fall-friendly flowers.

Timing Is Everything

Before we actually delve into the flowers that thrive during the fall, let’s sort out once and for all when to plant them. Unlike some flowers that bloom year-round, fall flowers have their own schedule. You don’t have to wait until autumn to start planting them (unless you live in a region with perennially scorching summers). In fact, planting too late can reduce the time you get to enjoy their beauty.

The best time to start planting fall flowers is at the end of summer, just after the hottest part of the season. This way, of course, you avoid subjecting your plants to excessive heat—ensuring they’ll thrive during the cooler months. Early to late August is generally the perfect window to begin your fall gardening adventure.

Top Flowers for Fall Planting

Now that you know when to start, let’s go through some flowers that not only withstand but are complemented by the (nominal) challenges of fall—frost and chilly temperatures included.


  1. Chrysanthemums: These beloved fall flowers come in a variety of colors, perhaps most popularly red, yellow, and violet. Chrysanthemums—or just “mums”—are not only beautiful but incredibly hardy to boot. They tend to last throughout the fall season and beyond, an make an excellent autumn choice for gardeners of all levels.
  2. Flowering Cabbage: If you enjoy growing edible plants, well, flowering cabbage is a pretty delightful option. With its striking white and purple hues, it can add that pop of extra color to your fall garden—while also of course serving as a delicious meal. Note that these (…cold-weather) plants thrive when nighttime temperatures stay at or below 50 degrees.
  3. Pansies: Recognizable for their “faces” made by contrasting colors patterns, pansies are a favorite for both spring and fall. In fact, pansies can survive frost and even bloom again, (potentially re-)gracing your garden with lovely yellow and purple shades.
  4. Tagetes (Marigold variety): Marigolds are always a nice touch. These vibrant flowers, with their gold, copper, and brass shades, can bloom all summer in the right climate. However!: the tagete, a specific type of marigold, is your best choice for the fall season. These “upright” flowers can reach over four feet in height, and should be planted before the onset of frost so that they can be most likely to do so.
  5. Red Salvia: If you’re looking for a bit more striking accent for your garden or patio, red salvia (also known as “scarlet sage”) likely fits the bill. With its bright red blooms, it stands out even while blending in with that classic fall color miasma we all adore. Although not too suitable for extremely harsh winters, red salvia is certainly hardy enough to flourish throughout the autumn months—wherever you call home.

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