How to Keep Your Outdoor Fireplace Clean

How to Keep Your Outdoor Fireplace Clean

Today, we’ll be going over the cleaning tasks you need to complete for your outdoor fireplace.

We’re in the midst of winter, and the winter nights can be bitter at times. Perhaps, however, you still want to enjoy time in your yard before the spring season arrives. To keep warm on those cold winter nights, an outdoor fireplace can be the perfect feature to have. Not only do they provide warmth, but it doesn’t take too much work to keep them clean and functional. Nevertheless, there are still some cleaning tasks that must be done. Today, we’ll be going over the cleaning tasks you need to complete for your outdoor fireplace.

Remove the Ashes and Other Debris After Each Time Using Your Outdoor Fireplace

Your outdoor fireplace will produce ashes and other types of debris when it’s used. If this debris is allowed to accumulate, you’ll start building up creosote, which is a tar-like material that’s incredibly flammable. Creosote is created through the byproducts of wood burning, and it’s for this reason that you need to get rid of all of the ashes and debris your fireplace generates after each use.

Have a Professional Clean Your Outdoor Fireplace Annually

For outdoor fireplaces that have chimneys, it’s important that you get them cleaned every year. This should be done by a trained professional, as they have more experience making sure that your chimney gets sufficient ventilation after cleaning is finished. For those with gas fireplaces, an inspector should come by to make sure there are no gas leaks, and that all components of your fireplace are working as intended.

How Often Cleaning Should Be Done

The rate at which you clean your outdoor fireplace will depend on the frequency at which you use it. Generally speaking, for wood-burning fireplaces, you want to clean the firebox after every use. As we mentioned previously, this helps to prevent any buildup of creosote. Every year, you want to get your fireplace thoroughly cleaned, which includes inspecting for damage and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces. Lastly, you want a chimney sweep to clean and inspect your fireplace’s chimney, if you have one. You’ll want to do this every year or every other year, depending on how often your fireplace is used.

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