Landscape Maintenance Tips for the Spring Season

Landscape Maintenance Tips for the Spring Season

Check out these landscape maintenance tips!

If you enjoy landscaping, gardening, or spending time outdoors on your property, spring weather is almost here! Even though it’s a beautiful gift, it can also be a lot of work. If you want your landscape to look its best all year long, there are multiple times you will definitely want to check off your spring landscaping checklist. Check out these landscape maintenance tips!

Inspect and Repair Winter Lawn Damage

As part of your landscape maintenance, sift through your landscape for any apparent signs of damage, including:

  • Circular patches of pinkish or grayish grass can indicate a sign of snow mold or fungal lawn infection.
  • If your lawn has patchy brownish or orangish grass, then your grass probably needs some extra water or a soil conditioner to help break down any remaining salts.
  • Your lawn probably has rodent damage if you discover lines in the grass or volcanoes of soil.

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Aerate, Dethatch, and Fertilize Your Lawn

You can manage soil compaction with aeration. For this, you will need to soften the soil by lightly watering the whole lawn and using an aerator to break it up. Another possibility is that dead grass (or thatch layers) can build up on top of your lawn too quickly. In addition, a little thatch is excellent since it can be natural mulch and break down into organic material and nutrients. However, excessive thatch will block necessary air and moisture from reaching the soil. After either procedure, you should follow up with fertilizer and plenty of water to help the grass recover. Also, fertilizing in spring keeps your lawn healthy during the hottest parts of the summer. It may also help with weed control.

Prune Your Shrubs and Trees

Regular pruning is a vital part of keeping plants healthy. Damaged stems invite pests and disease, which may ultimately jeopardize the life of the whole plant. If you haven’t done any pruning during the winter, the early spring is your best chance before the blooms arrive. However, you must know how to identify a stem or branch that needs pruning and how to prune them appropriately. For example, the tree could receive an infection if you cut a branch too short. If you leave it too long, the ends could wither.

Clean Out Your Garden Beds

When the weather warms up in the springtime, it’s time to clean out and clear up your garden. So, cut down foliage and dead stalks from the previous season. Also, compost everything except diseased plant material. Furthermore, try not to turn the soil excessively because you don’t want to kill off critical nutrients in the upper layers.

Furthermore, springtime is optimal for removing as many weeds as possible. In addition, it’s advisable you use a pre-emergent weed killer. Remember not to disturb new growth when weeding. But you must be harsh with the weeds you find. Otherwise, you will be battling them all season long!

Consider Planting

It’s time to get planting when spring rolls around. Remember that various flower types and plants have different water, soil conditions, and sunlight requirements. You should also ensure your flowerbeds are disease-free and healthy. Whether you desire a bright spot of seasonal color or an entire landscape makeover, the experts at Sposato Landscape can transform your residential or commercial landscape! Contact us for your free estimate!

Get Ready to Mow

With the warming temperatures approaching soon, your grass should grow again. Before you begin, remember to inspect your lawnmower thoroughly. Additionally, clean and replace any necessary parts for optimal function and longevity. Avoid damaging your lawn by keeping your grass within a range of lengths that allow the grass to flourish.

On the other hand, allowing your grass to grow too long can be problematic, mainly if your proximate cut minimizes the height of the blades by more than one-third inch. If you have trouble mowing a massive lawn or do not want to deal with landscape maintenance, Sposato Landscape can leave your yard better than we found it.

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