Weed Control Tips for Winter

Weed Control Tips for Winter

Here are weed control tips you should use for the remainder of the winter season.

Are you experiencing a weed problem this winter? If so, you aren’t alone because this is actually a fairly common occurrence among homeowners. Given that many flowers go dormant during winter, it’s understandable that gardening tasks aren’t at the forefront of people’s minds during this time of year. Nevertheless, it’s important for you to deal with weeds as quickly as possible, and fortunately, we have just the tips to help you out. Here are weed control tips you should use for the remainder of the winter season.

Pre-Emergent Herbicides Can Prevent Weed Growth

The best way to combat winter weeds is to keep them from growing in the first place. This is where pre-emergent herbicides come into play. As their name suggests, pre-emergent herbicides are used before weeds have a chance to emerge from the ground.

You’ll need to apply these herbicides a few weeks before weeds pop out of the ground. If you wait too long, the herbicide will be effectively useless. You also have to apply the herbicide when the soil temperature is ideal. It’s also important to consider that pre-emergent herbicides need to be applied before grass starts coming out of its dormancy period.

Use Post-Emergent Herbicides On Active Weeds

What if your lawn is already experiencing weed growth? If so, then pre-emergent herbicides aren’t going to cut it anymore. Instead, you’ll need to switch over to post-emergent herbicides, which are to be used on weeds that have already sprouted from the ground. It’s also good to use these herbicides just to deal with any leftover weeds that may still be around your yard. With that said, these herbicides aren’t always the simplest to use, as they need to be applied while abiding by certain steps.

Post-emergent herbicides are best to use the moment that weeds appear. Preferably, you want to use them when the temperature of the soil is higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you just recently planted grass, you should apply the herbicide only after the grass has become fully established in order to optimize weed control.

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