Patio Cleaning Advice to Follow This Spring


Patio Cleaning Advice to Follow This Spring

Here are patio cleaning tips you can use for the remainder of the spring season.

Spring is now in full motion and, before long, summer will be upon us as well. This is the prime time to enjoy beautiful outdoor weather. For many homeowners, a place to enjoy the weather is the outdoor patio. Patios are great for hanging out with friends and family, hosting parties, and having barbecues, among other things. In order to get the most enjoyment out of your patio, however, you’ll need to keep it clean. Here are patio cleaning tips you can use for the remainder of the spring season.

Move Furniture Before Getting Patio Cleaning Done

Before you can clean your patio, you want to get any furniture out of the way. This way, you won’t miss any spots during patio cleaning. Then, after the patio has been cleaned, you should also clean the furniture before putting it back. This is done so that the furniture doesn’t bring any dirt back onto the patio.

Dealing With Mold On Your Patio

Do you see any brown or black spots on your patio? Are these spots located in damp or shaded areas? These are indicators that your patio is affected by mold. To fix this problem, take some water and mix it with oxygen bleach, then scrub the area down thoroughly. After you’ve finished scrubbing, rinse the surface down with water to wash away whatever cleaning residue is left. If mold is affecting a large portion of your patio, it might be best if you get the entire patio replaced instead.

Pick a Nice Day for Patio Cleaning

If you’re using products like cleaning solutions to get your patio clean, they won’t be very effective unless the weather is pleasant. After all, you wouldn’t want rain washing away your cleaning agents before they can take effect. That’s why you should always wait for a day that has no inclement weather conditions. This will give your cleaning products sufficient time to settle onto your patio’s surface. As a result, your patio cleaning procedures will go more smoothly.

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