Gardening Tips to Follow This Spring

Gardening Tips to Follow This Spring

Today, we’ll be discussing gardening tips that you should follow this spring season.

Now that the spring season is here, there are homeowners who may start tending to their landscapes. One task that starts getting done during spring is gardening. After a long and cold winter season, there’s a lot to get done in order to bring your garden back to life. That’s why, today, we’ll be discussing gardening tips that you should follow this spring season.

Get Your Garden Area Cleaned

Plants need a clean area in which to thrive. That’s why you should clean your garden area before you start putting any plants into the ground. There might be old mulch and dead leaves that are still present after the winter season, or there could be other types of dirt and debris that would be detrimental to your garden. These all need to be removed so that anything you plant afterwards has the best chance of growing.

Give your Garden Some Soil and Fertilizer

Soil and fertilizer are vital to anyone’s garden. That’s why one of your gardening tasks should always be to apply both of these to your garden in order to help your plants thrive. You want to begin by applying the garden soil. The purpose of this soil is to give plants more organic matter. This gives your plants the nutrients that they need to grow.

After the soil is worked into your garden, you want to apply fertilizer as well. Fertilizer adds its own nutritional value to your garden, providing nutrients such as potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. These types of nutrients are what help your plants grow larger, as well as grow more quickly.

Give Your Garden Some Fresh Mulch

This is a gardening task to be done after your flowers are planted. By adding some mulch to your garden, you can reduce the chances of weeds being able to grow. Mulch also provides much-needed moisture to your plants, which is especially important as temperatures get warmer outside. As for how much mulch to apply, we suggest sticking to roughly two inches throughout your garden in order to get the most value from the mulch you add.

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