Patio Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

Patio Maintenance Tips You Should Follow

Here are patio maintenance tips you should follow.

While we have warmer weather around, you’re probably thinking about all the ways you can utilize your outdoor space. A patio can offer incredible flexibility and is a space you should make as much use of as possible, especially when the weather’s nice.

However, owning a patio also means that there’s some patio maintenance that needs to be done. Patio maintenance isn’t difficult to do, either, it just requires you to make a plan and stick to it. Here’s the good news though: We have the scoop on all of the patio maintenance tips you need to know. Make the most of this summer and get your patio back in tip-top shape so you can host guests and enjoy the great outdoors!

Sweeping Your Patio

Here’s an easy, but important, one: sweep regularly. This helps prevent mildew, stains, and scratches from getting worse. This is especially important after storms or any other kind of inclement weather that might leave behind debris. Make sweeping your patio a weekly thing and you’ll find it helps keep everything cleaner.

Reorganizing Your Furniture

Try not to leave your furniture in one spot for the entirety of the season. By rotating your furniture and moving everything slightly on a regular basis, it helps let everything stay dry and prevents any long-term stains from developing on your beautiful patio. If you have iron or other metal outdoor furniture, you may want to think about putting rubber tips on the feet of that furniture. This will prevent rust stains from developing.

Washing Your Patio

By regularly washing your patio (about once a month), you can help increase its longevity and overall aesthetics. Make sure you’re using the right cleaners—that means no bleach for a wood deck, which can lighten the wood and wear the fibers down. Concrete can handle bleach, but if you want to be safe, just use a mild commercial cleaning solution and a little scrubbing.

You can also use a pressure washer, which helps quickly remove the deep grime that has worked its way into your patio’s surface. That said, a pressure washer can cause damage if you aren’t careful, no matter what material your patio is made of. Move the wand back and forth to avoid exposing your patio to too much pressure. You can also do a spot check to see how your patio holds up. That said, a long-handled brush might be a more appropriate way to regularly clean your patio.

Sealing Your Patio

By sealing your patio, it becomes easier to clean and maintain in the long term. When to seal your patio depends on how the weather has been in the past year and how much foot traffic you’re getting. If you’re unsure of when and how to seal your patio, reach out to a professional contractor who ensures the job is done right.

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