Signs You’re Working with the Wrong Residential Landscaping Company

Signs You’re Working with the Wrong Residential Landscaping Company

Read along below as we go over some major warning signs that you’re working with a bad landscaping company.

When it comes to forming your outdoor living space into a perfect replica of how it appears in your most vibrant recurring dreams, good reader, choosing the right residential landscaping company is absolutely crucial. It follows, then, that hiring the wrong one can lead to, well, a nightmare of an experience.

Read along below as we go over some major warning signs that you’re working with a bad landscaping company—and how to find a better one for your next project.

Negative Online Reviews

Online reviews are an excellent tool at your disposal for researching companies. If a landscaping company has mostly (or uniformly!) negative reviews and a poor overall rating, it’s… -let’s just say it’s in your best interest to keep on researching elsewhere. You want a company that guarantees the results you’re after, and has a proven track record of success.

Poor Communication

Each “step-along-the-way” for your landscaping project should be clearly communicated to you, as in, from start to finish. If your landscaping company is frequently (…or constantly!) missing appointments, or, say, surprises you with sudden extra charges that don’t quite seem to add up (so to speak), this evinces not just the bizarre/apparent M.O. of poor-communication-as-policy; beyond that, plain old across-the-board bad business practices are easily inferable from as much. Your landscaping company should be dependable, reliable, and professional—in every interaction.

Lackluster Staff

Experienced staff is essential for a landscaping company to provide high-quality service. If the partner you choose doesn’t, for their part, choose to invest in experienced employees, well, that’s a bright red flag. Make sure that the company you hire only hires the best in their industry, so that they can “best” guide you toward—and ultimately deliver—the results you want.

Inadequate Paperwork

Your landscaping company should provide you with up-to-date information on their licenses and insurance long before they start working on your property. This is imperative to ensure (for your own peace of mind) that you’re working with a reputable company that values your safety and protection. Never hesitate to inquire about such documentation; if they balk, so should you.

Bad Attitude

Your landscaping company should have your best interests in mind throughout the entire project. -We’re all of us human, and we all of us have the occasional rotten day, but: if your contractor ever projects this onto the customer, and/or shows any signs of rudeness/a bad attitude (e.g., is aloof, condescending or dismissive, pushes you into making hasty decisions, implements ideas without your approval…), it is well-past time to find a new landscaping company. For your home project to pan out perfectly, you (of course) have to feel comfortable and confident in your contractor’s abilities to do the job well—but, just as important, with the contractor as a person.

Closing Thoughts

Your outdoor living space should be a private oasis for you and loved ones to enjoy, and it all starts with choosing the right residential landscaping company. By being aware of the warning signs outlined above, you can be certain to avoid working with the wrong company and ensure a smooth, stress-free landscaping experience.

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