Types of Weeds Your Lawn May Encounter

Types of Weeds Your Lawn May Encounter

Here are some of the weeds you might see growing in your yard.

Have you ever come across any unusual types of plants in your yard? It’s possible that this is actually a weed. Weeds are a serious health concern for your lawn, as they steal nutrients away from the grass. Along with the health concerns they bring to your plants, they can also be visually unappealing, compromising the curb appeal that your yard offers. This means that you’ll want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Before you can do that, though, you have to know about the different variants that can sprout in your yard. This makes it easier to identify them and deal with them. Here are some of the weeds you might see growing in your yard.


Annual weeds get their name from the fact that they grow for one year before they die. What’s dangerous about annuals is that they create seeds, and these seeds will eventually turn into new annuals. As a result, the number of annuals you get per year will grow if you don’t address the issue. Some examples of annual weeds include knotweed, crabgrass, and chickweed.


Perennials can be quite stubborn, as they are harder to control. Many perennials will live a minimum of two years, and some can last for much longer. The stubbornness of perennial weeds comes from its root system, which is highly complex and robust. They’re capable of regrowing from a single root system multiple times. Some perennial weeds you may encounter include dandelion, ivy, and bindweed.


Biennial weeds, as their name suggests, will typically live for about two years. In their first year, their seeds will grow without any flowers. It’s in the second year when these weeds begin to flower and start creating their seeds. This can make biennial weeds kind of stealthy, given how they can easily go undetected in the first year that they make it to your lawn. Examples of biennial weeds you might find in your yard include Burdock, Evening Primrose, and Common Mullein.

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