How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Drought


How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Drought

Here is how to get your lawn ready for a potential drought.

Spring is now in full swing. The flowers are blossoming, the sun is shining, and the temperatures are rising. For people who aren’t into the cold of winter, this is a pleasant change. For your lawn, however, spring brings a potential problem along with it: the potential for drought. You want your grass to survive through the spring season, and that means being ready for any droughts that may come your way. Here is how to get your lawn ready for a potential drought.

Get Plants That Perform Well in Droughts

A good way to prepare for droughts is to have plants that thrive in them. That’s why you should look into plants with high drought tolerance and drought resistance. This ensures that the plants you have around your yard can last for a long time, even when weather conditions get dry and hot.

Test Your Soil

Some homeowners may already know about the harm that excess rainfall can bring to someone’s yard since it takes nutrients away from the ground. Drought also has its fair share of detrimental effects. One problem is that droughts can affect the regular testing of your soil by making your soil’s pH level appear lower than what the actual level may be. This is why you want to conduct soil testing prior to a drought. This will give you more precise test results, and you’ll know for sure if your lawn and soil have the nutrients they need.

Grow Grass That’s Drought-Resistant

The reason it’s hard to grow plants during droughts is that water evaporates before the grass and plants have a chance to consume it. Grass blades can get weakened during the dormancy period in winter, which is why you want to take the time to grow some more resilient grass in anticipation of the hotter spring and summer weather.

Aerate Your Lawn Before the Weather Heats Up

When you aerate your lawn, it makes it easier for nutrients, oxygen, and water to get into the ground. This ensures that your lawn has the resources it needs by the time the temperatures start climbing.

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