Why You Should Water Your Garden By Hand

Why You Should Water Your Garden By Hand

These are the reasons why we recommend watering your garden by hand.

There are many approaches that homeowners take to gardening. Some people use sprinklers to keep their gardens happy, while others may use drip irrigators. While these options do have their convenience factors, there’s something about the tried-and-true method of hand watering that simply cannot be replicated. These are the reasons why we recommend watering your garden by hand.

You Have the Most Control Over When Your Garden Receives Water

It’s important to water your garden at the right time of day. The optimal time for watering will generally be in the morning because it allows water to seep into your soil before the sun causes the water to evaporate. While sprinklers can be put on a schedule, the best time to water your garden will change throughout the year since the sun will rise at different times. Doing the watering by hand ensures that you always get watering done before the sun gets too intense.

You Control Where the Water Goes

It’s important to apply water to the right areas of your garden. Don’t aim for the tops of your plants. Instead, you should focus on getting water to the roots. The problem with the automated approach, like with sprinklers, is that they cast water over a wide area. They don’t concentrate the water into the roots like they should. Hand watering is the most precise method available, as you make certain that water gets applied to the right spots.

You Can Customize Your Approach to Watering

Water sprinklers are great if you need the exact same amount of water in the exact same spot every day. More often than not, however, when and where you water, as well as how much you water, should vary. By getting your garden watered by hand, you can give your plants the appropriate amount of water, based on their current stage of life or the surrounding outdoor conditions. You may also decide to get new plants for your garden. In this situation, you’ll naturally need to do more watering than before, and doing watering by hand allows you to adapt to changes in your garden more easily.

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