Importance of Garden Soil

Importance of Garden Soil

Find out why garden soil is important to the yards of homeowners.

Many of us have gardens around our yards. For those who do, you understand that soil is an integral part of your garden. So, what exactly makes soil as important as it is? Find out why garden soil is important to the yards of homeowners.

Soil is the Foundation of Your Garden

All of the plants in your garden start by being put into the garden soil. It’s because of the soil that any plants in your garden are able to thrive. Soil is paramount for the growth of your plants, making sure their roots are supported, and making sure the plants are kept upright while they grow.

Soil Stores Vital Nutrients for Plants

Soil serves as a sort of storage unit for your plants’ nutrient supply. By preserving the nutrients that your plants need, garden soil gives your plants more time to absorb those nutrients, which aids in their overall growth.

Soil Preserves Water

Not only are nutrients preserved with garden soil, but water is preserved as well. Water is necessary for all plant life, so when sol is able to preserve water in the ground for as long as possible, it gives plants time to soak it all in. This in turn helps to promote the growth of any plants in your garden.

Soil Can Be Eco-Friendly

Did you know that garden soil can actually promote environmental health? This is because healthy soil is able to remove fossil fuels from the air. The Earth Institute at Columbia University has even stated that about one-fourth of fossil fuels that are emitted each year get removed as a result of healthy soil.

Soil Provides Various Organisms a Home

Garden soil isn’t just good for your plants; it’s also good for many different organisms that live beneath the surface. As an example, there are a lot of different insects that take refuge in your soil, laying eggs that are much safer beneath the ground than they would be above the surface. Soil is good for providing insects with a home, as well as your plants.

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