Gardening Tips to Use During Rainy Weather

Gardening Tips to Use During Rainy Weather

Here are gardening tips you’ll want to follow during rainy weather.

While we are finishing the month of April showers, the spring season still has plenty of rain to offer. Rain can be a great thing for flowers, as it’s important for flowers to be properly hydrated. With that said, it’s important that you adjust your gardening routine accordingly when the weather gets rainy. Here are gardening tips you’ll want to follow during rainy weather.

Adjust How Often You Water Your Plants

When the weather is dry, it’s up to you to provide plants with the water they need to make it through the season. When you get rain, however, your plants will already be receiving a good amount of moisture. That means you should reduce the frequency at which you water your plants. You also want to reduce the amount of water you give them at a time. It’s possible to overwater your plants, and this can cause fungal diseases like root rot to occur.

Give Your Garden Sufficient Drainage

You don’t want your soil to get waterlogged. To prevent this from happening, make sure your garden has sufficient drainage to properly regulate how much water your soil gets. As part of your gardening routine, try making a habit of adding organic matter, like compost, to your garden. This will improve the drainage capabilities of your garden, while also strengthening its structural durability.

Don’t Forget to Use Mulch

Mulch is good for any garden, but it’s especially helpful during rainy weather. Not only does it help hold in moisture, but it also keeps soil erosion from happening while suppressing the growth of weeds. Mulch can even provide insulation for your plants, meaning that raindrops won’t have as much physical impact on your fragile flowers.

Maintain Sufficient Air Circulation

Some plants have a lot of dense foliage. When plants are packed too closely together, it becomes harder for them to dry off after it’s finished raining. That’s why one of your gardening tasks should be to trim any dense foliage your garden has. This way, your garden gets enough air circulation so that plants can dry off, minimizing the chances of fungal diseases.

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