How to Handle Lawn Mowing This Spring

How to Handle Lawn Mowing This Spring

Here are some of the lawn mowing techniques that we recommend you try this spring season.

It’s desirable to have a beautiful and well-maintained lawn. After all, it keeps your yard looking its best throughout the year. To achieve the best look for your lawn, however, you’ll need to know some good lawn mowing strategies. Here are some of the lawn mowing techniques that we recommend you try this spring season.

Keep Your Lawn Fertilized

When you’re mowing your lawn, there are going to be grass clippings that get scattered throughout your yard in the process. The question then becomes: do you collect the grass clippings or not? The answer is that you do NOT want to take these clippings away from your lawn. Grass clippings offer your lawn plenty of valuable nutrients, and they will assist with keeping your lawn fertilized.

Keep Thatch Build-Up Under Control

For those who may not know, thatch is what forms on the top of your soil. It is composed of stems, as well as dead and living roots. If you only have a little bit of thatch, it can serve as a benefit to your lawn. Once thatch builds up too much, however, your soil might be unable to break it down as quickly as it develops.

Some may believe that grass clippings contribute to thatch, but this isn’t the case as thatch does not include grass blades. Even if you collect these clippings, it won’t help you address any thatch build-up. Instead, thatch build-up should be controlled with the help of core aeration.

Keep Your Grass Level High

A good word of advice for lawn mowing is to cut your grass high. When your lawn is at the right height, it helps your grass maintain a greener color. On top of this, you can keep on top of weeds more easily, and you can conserve water in your soil since your soil will have extra shade that keeps water from evaporating as quickly. Your grass will even have greater food-producing ability when you cut high during lawn mowing. Cutting your grass too short means your grass won’t be able to produce as much food. This will cause your lawn to become malnourished, resulting in a brown color.

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