How to Tell Your Outdoor Fountain Needs to Be Replaced

How to Tell Your Outdoor Fountain Needs to Be Replaced

When you notice these signs, you should be ready to replace your outdoor fountain.

If you’re still planning to fit in a few more backyard projects, installing a water feature might be the perfect thing. A water feature with a fountain is one of the most beautiful and unique things you can add to your yard. Pairing a lovely outdoor fireplace and a beautiful water feature can be just the thing to create the perfect backyard oasis. This type of water feature is a great way to add beauty and peace to your yard, but a working fountain is key. You need to maintain your fountain and keep your eyes open for signs that you need to repair or replace the fountain. When you notice these signs, you should be ready to replace your outdoor fountain.

Search For Leaks

Signs of leaks are the quickest way to notice problems with your outdoor fountain. Depending on the type of water feature, finding the leak might be very easy or not. Freestanding fountains that have cracks or leaks from the basin should be visible. Below grade ponds are hard to check. Usually these present as soggy or wet areas around the fountain. Promptly identifying leaks and fixing them as quickly as possible is the key to keeping your fountain in good working order. If you don’t, the constantly dropping water level could burn out your pump and the structural damage that created the leak might worsen over time as well. Depending on the size or location of the leak, you may have to replace the fountain or parts of it.

Monitor Water Levels

Generally speaking, dropping water levels is almost always going to be a sign of something wrong with your fountain. The biggest is the potential that the dropping water level is caused by a leak.  Another typical culprit for dropping water levels is evaporation. This doesn’t signal that anything is wrong with your fountain – but if the water level gets too low from too much evaporation, it could endanger your whole outdoor fountain. You should be monitoring that level everyday and topping it off as needed – don’t rely just on the rain to refill your fountain.

Maintain Proper Water Flow

The pump of the outdoor fountain is key to maintain proper water flow, and water flow is vital to ensure your water feature doesn’t become a breeding ground for insects like mosquitos. Unusual sounds, like rattling or grinding sounds, might indicate that something is wrong with the pump. If you notice them, have a professional come check it out to make sure that there is nothing wrong or to repair it if there is.

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