Maintenance Tips for Your Retaining Walls

Maintenance Tips for Your Retaining Walls

Here are some of our best maintenance tips for your retaining walls.

Retaining walls are a key part of many properties that need to manage water and that have a slope or terrace. They also give your curb appeal a boost and make your yard look more polished. However, you need to take proper care of your retaining wall to ensure that it works properly and stays structurally sound. Here are some of our best maintenance tips for your retaining walls.

Inspect the Wall

If you have retaining walls around your property, you should inspect them on a regular basis, especially after storms or severe weather. Look for signs of cracks in the masonry or stones, as well as notable gaps in the mortar between the bricks. This is a sign that maintenance needs to occur, and you should always take care of it reasonably soon to avoid things worsening and structural damage occurring.

Another concerning sign to look for is bulging. As soil shifts and settles over time, it can start to push sections of the retaining wall out. If the bulge worsens without repairs being made, the retaining wall could be breached and require more extensive repairs in the future.

Remove Debris Regularly

While the drainage pipe installed in your retaining wall will take care of some debris, it’s easy for things to be stuck in it. Retaining walls are particularly prone to clogs due to snow and ice. After a storm, check the pipe to make sure that there is nothing stuck inside of it. It’s important to keep it empty, as it plays a critical role in keeping your yard free from excess water and flooding.

Fill In Erosion Proactively

Erosion can occur over the course of any season, but it’s particularly common at the end of the summer and the end of the winter. Take a walk around your retaining walls and look for signs of erosion, like deep impressions in the soil or pooling. When you have erosion taking place around your retaining walls, this can accelerate the erosion process and do damage to the wall itself. By reversing the erosion, you can avoid bigger problems with your retaining wall.

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