Qualities You Want in Your Landscaping Company

Qualities You Want in Your Landscaping Company

Here are qualities you want in your landscaping company.

Many people think of landscaping and write it off as just making the plants pretty. While that is an important part, it is nowhere near the sum total of what a landscaping company can do, fix, or be responsible for. Landscapers do work with plants, but they are also designers deciding what plants look best and will do best in what locations. They are also patio planners and outdoor-living-area experts. When you collaborate with a landscaping company, you are constructing a relationship with someone who will be there for the little things and the big things (like major drainage issues) on your property. Make sure that you’re choosing one you can trust. Look for these six qualities in your prospective landscaper before you commit.

Personal Attention

The first thing that you should look for and receive when you start working with a landscaper is personal attention. There should be one point person who you know you can reach out to and that person should answer your questions in a reasonable amount of time. There should also be genuine interest from the professionals about what you hope and dream of for your yard. They should not roll into your yard and tell you what they want to do, but instead listen to your needs and make suggestions about how to meet them.


Any prospective landscaping company that you might work with should be prepared to give you a list of references – actually call them and ask questions about the work they had done and their satisfaction. These include questions regarding the quality of the work, the interactions they had with the crew, and how on-time the completion of the project was.


In addition to references, you should also receive access to a portfolio. Anyone how does good work that they’re proud of should be asking to use that work in their portfolio – and they should have that portfolio ready for you to see when you ask for it.

Knowledgeable Crew

It is great that the business owner is super knowledgeable about plants, landscaping, or the like. However, the crew, the people who are there actually doing the work, needs to be knowledgeable too. If you have people coming in to take out dead plants, they need to be able to tell the difference between healthy and dead things without the owner standing over their shoulder.

License and Insurance

Don’t be afraid to ask about the contractors education and experience, licensing, and insurance status. They should be able to show you their license when you ask for it and to provide proof of insurance (including worker comp insurance – you don’t want their crew getting injured on your property and it dinging your home owners insurance).

Earth-Friendly Options

Finally, ask if they offer or promote sustainable practices and earth friendly options. A good landscaper cares about the environment and the planet and should be able to help you design your yard to align with your values.

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