Questions Asked About Paver Patio Maintenance

Questions Asked About Paver Patio Maintenance

Here are some frequently asked questions people have regarding paver patio maintenance.

Similarly to how people may polish their floors or paint their homes, a paver patio will appreciate a little routine maintenance to remove any pesky dirt, debris, and stains from it. Not everyone has experience maintaining these patios, so it can lead to a few unanswered questions. We’re here to provide those answers for you. Here are some frequently asked questions people have regarding paver patio maintenance.

“What Advantages are Gained from Sealing Pavers?”

Patio pavers can be stained because of vehicles. With sealers, you gain three advantages. One is that you resist stains. Next, you can improve your patio’s color. Last, you’re able to make it harder for weeds to grow on your paver patio. Sealers have to be reapplied every 3-5 years, but it’s worth the investment since you won’t have to deal with the many other problems that come with not having that extra layer of protection.

“Will Weeds Grow Between the Pavers?”

Weeds and grass grow because of seeds and spores that get stuck into your joint sand. Sealers help keep the seeds and spores to a minimum. However, for weeds that do show up on your paver patio, using a vegetation killer is the best way to go. These deal with the weeds without doing any damage to the pavers themselves.

“What Can I Do For Pavers That are Stained or Damaged?”

An advantage that comes with pavers is that you don’t have to replace your entire paver patio if something bad happens to it. Instead, all that’s needed from you is to remove and replace the individual pavers. A professional hardscaping company can help you with the replacement process. They have the experience to get everything done quickly, efficiently, and properly.

“What About Snow Removal and the Pavers?”

Just like with concrete and asphalt, a paver patio can be both shoveled and plowed without trouble. It’s best to avoid using anything sharp because sharp objects can puncture your pavers and cause damage. A landscaping and hardscaping company can make snow removal for your paver patio no trouble at all. It’s often safest to let a professional company handle everything because they know what procedures to follow so that accidents don’t occur that could damage your patio. While it can seem like you’ll save money doing this yourself, you could save yourself extra money, later on, knowing you won’t have any damages to repair.

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