Reasons for Your Lawn to Turn Yellow

Reasons for Your Lawn to Turn Yellow

Let’s look at various reasons that your lawn might be turning a more yellow color.

Has your grass started to go from green to yellow? This is a problem that can pop up, even when you’re watering your grass at regular intervals. This begs the question: what’s causing this issue? Let’s look at various reasons that your lawn might be turning a more yellow color.

Soil is Compact

While insufficient watering can be a reason for the yellowing of grass, the problem might also stem from beneath the surface. When the soil below your lawn is too compact, it’s tougher for the roots of your grass to get deep into your lawn’s soil. This weakens the grass as a whole, which can result in a more yellow color.

If you aren’t sure whether or not your soil is too compact, there are a couple ways to determine if this is the case. You could look at the soil (it’s too compact if it’s hard and grey-colored) or look at the lawn (it’s too compact if water pools in the lower areas of your yard while running off the higher areas).

Not Enough Nutrients

Another reason your grass could turn yellow is if it doesn’t have all of the nutrients it needs. You need to fertilize your lawn so that it gets the nutrition it needs. Insufficient nutrition can be detected in various ways, such as:

  • Grass wilting easily
  • Grass has a lighter green color instead of a deeper type of green
  • Grass grows thinly and at a slower pace
  • Grass blades will have brown or yellow tips

Problems With Mowing

Sometimes, the reason your lawn turns yellow starts with your lawnmower. For example, if the weather gets hot, and your grass gets cut too short, the intense heat can actually start burning away at your grass. It won’t set your yard ablaze, but shorter grass has a more fragile root system.

Also, when the blades of your lawnmower are too blunt, it results in your grass blades being torn instead of being cleanly cut. Doing this can cause the tips of your grass blades to have a more yellow color, while also causing your grass to dry out more easily.

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