Reasons Your Outdoor Fountain is Losing Water


Reasons Your Outdoor Fountain is Losing Water

If your outdoor fountain is losing water, there are a few reasons that could explain why this is the case.

Fountains can be beautiful additions to people’s landscapes. They offer great aesthetic appeal, while simultaneously promoting feelings of peace and serenity. Sadly, there is an issue that these fountains can face, which is the loss of water. If your outdoor fountain is losing water, there are a few reasons that could explain why this is the case.


A common reason for fountains to lose water is because the water is evaporating as a result of heat from the sun. There are two main ways to combat this issue. One solution is to install a cover for your fountain so that the sun doesn’t affect it as much. Another option is to get a fountain that has a larger basin. This would make the evaporation of water less impactful. No matter how your water loss is occurring, though, you want to monitor your fountain’s water levels regularly, topping the water levels off as needed.

There are Cracks in Your Outdoor Fountain

Perhaps your outdoor fountain has structural damage, and it’s started to crack. If this has happened, water will be able to leak out of the cracks that have formed in your fountain. Cracks can happen for many reasons, such as blunt damage, wear and tear over time, and freezing temperatures. To prevent water leaking out of your fountain, you should either get your fountain repaired or replaced, depending on the scale of the damage.

You Have a Pump Malfunction

A malfunctioning fountain pump can also result in water loss. This is because the pump is responsible for circulating the water in the fountain. Without proper circulation, spills and leaking can occur. Check on your pump regularly to be sure that it’s in working order. If you see poor water flow, or hear strange sounds, those are signs that your pump may need to be repaired.

There’s Water Displacement

Sometimes, the water in your fountain can get displaced as a result of leaves and other debris that land in the water. To keep your fountain clean, and your water displacement to a minimum, perform regular cleanings for your fountain to make sure that debris isn’t displacing all of the water inside of it.

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