Signs That You Have Bad Soil Conditions in Your Yard

Signs That You Have Bad Soil Conditions in Your Yard

Here’s how to tell when soil conditions in your yard are bad.

If you dabble in gardening, then you’re probably aware of how important your soil quality is for the success of your garden. Without a solid foundation of healthy soil, all of the hard work you do putting plants in the ground could all be for nothing. That’s why it’s important to know when soil conditions aren’t optimal, so that you can address the issue and create a more successful garden. Here’s how to tell when soil conditions in your yard are bad.

There Isn’t Much Moisture

Does your soil appear to be dry and cracked? If so, this is likely as a result of the soil not getting enough nutrients and water. When soil is dry and cracked, it hinders its ability to absorb water because most of the water will actually run off of the soil instead of getting absorbed. You want your soil to be moist with a crumbly texture, and it should break apart with ease in your hands.

It’s Hard to Dig Into the Soil

Another sign of bad soil conditions is when you try to dig into the soil, but you’re running into difficulties. When soil can’t be broken down easily, it’s likely compacted too much. This makes it more difficult for the roots of your plants to grow. This is an issue that can be resolved with the help of water infiltration and soil aeration.

Poor Growth

You expect your plants to grow healthily, and at a steady rate. If this isn’t happening, your soil could be the reason for this. That’s why you should pay attention to how your plants are progressing during the growth process.

On top of not seeing growth, you might also notice that your plants are coming out discolored, or they are wilting in some way.

If you want to scout your soil for this potential issue, you can pull an unwanted plant out of your garden, and check how its roots are developing. You have bad soil conditions if the roots are brown and mushy.

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