Summer Flowers You Can Plant in Your Yard

Summer Flowers You Can Plant in Your Yard

There are plenty of summer flowers worth planting this season.

Summer is just about here and based on the hot days we’ve been having, we’re sure you already know that. Summer gardening is always a great time despite the heat though and we know some people get worried that they missed their chance by not planting anything during the spring.

Don’t worry though, as there are plenty of summer flowers worth planting this season. In fact, we’ve devised a list of our favorite summer flowers so you can create a beautiful, color-filled garden this year, so let’s get into it.


No list of summer flowers would be complete without the classic, colorful Marigold. They come in a variety of bright, warm oranges and yellows, so we consider them a must-have for any summer garden. Just remember that they need plenty of sunlight in order to thrive. However, they’re very low-maintenance beyond that, so Marigolds are a great option provided you have a good sunshine-filled spot for them.

Black-Eyed Susans

These are perhaps one of the most popular wildflowers around, but they look great in a garden, too. They’re easy to recommend since they’re so tough and will get along with basically anything else you plant. Black-Eyed Susans are known for being tough, which is evident in their ability to get cut and add a pop of bright yellow to any bouquet. If you’re going for that iconic summer look, consider planting some Black-Eyed Susans.


While the name isn’t as popular as some of the other summer flowers we recommend, you’ve certainly seen them before because of their rich purple, lavender, or even pink and white flowers. It’s a dainty flower that adds a soft touch to any space you add them in, but just because they’re soft doesn’t mean they can’t withstand the heat and will stick around from spring to fall.


When looking for low-maintenance beauties to add to your garden, don’t miss out on these bright red, yellow, orange, pink, and even purple flowers. You’ll notice them blooming throughout the season with very little work required as they are extremely drought-tolerant. Make your garden pop with these annual/perennial flowers.

Blanket Flowers

Go with these cheerful and long-blooming flowers. You can see why they got their name with their wonderful red petals, tipped with yellow, making you realize just how comforting having them in your garden will be. They are a great option for any summer-themed containers or bouquets you may be planning as well!


Looking for a multi-colored option that can be used to create a cascading appearance? Verbenas look great in big clusters, so you can plant them between and in flower boxes, pots, and even on retaining walls to get a consistent look that spans your whole garden.

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