Ways that Rain Can Cause Patio Damage

Ways that Rain Can Cause Patio Damage

Here are a few key ways that rain can really cause severe damage to your patio.

When it comes to a patio, rain can really wreak havoc on it and lead to costly repairs overall. In fact, as we move along through the spring and summer months, the rain is likely to be a huge component of the season. The reality is, extra moisture in your yard can pile up and add up over the months — and your patio can take a beating as well. Ultimately, rain damage can easily ruin your patio in a variety of different ways. Here are a few key ways that rain can really cause severe damage to your patio.

Dealing With Mold Growth

Just like with extra mixture inside your home, when there is a severe downpour, it can lead to mold growth on your patio — which can be really hazardous and destructive overall. In fact, mold growth is likely to occur when heavy rain is left untreated. The reality is, mold tends to be incredibly unsightly which means you can go months without noticing it ruining your patio — which only leads to more severe damage down the line. Ultimately, mold and mildew are detrimental to the health and integrity of your patio which is exactly why it becomes increasingly imperative to make sure that you remove any and all patio accessories and furniture or cover large furniture with protection in anticipation of any rain.

Potential For Wood Damage

For the most part, most patios tend to have at least some component that is made of wood — and that can lead to deterioration after a heavy rainstorm. In fact, standing water is the leading way to harm your wood and lead to severe damage down the line. When it comes to rain damage, a wood patio is likely to experience the worst of it compared to other types of materials out there. The reality is, using a sturdier and more durable material that can withstand any kind of rain might be the better alternative for many homeowners looking to invest in a patio for their property. Ultimately, even if your existing patio is made of wood, proper care and maintenance can still be a great way to avoid experiencing damage to your patio down the line and throughout the years. At the end of the day, having a patio that isn’t necessarily working properly can be harmful and cause slipping and other disasters which is why caring for your patio and preventing water damage from ruining it is essential overall.

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