Winter Flowers You Can Plant This Season

Winter Flowers You Can Plant This Season

Find out more about winter flowers that you can plant this winter season.

When people think of winter, they may think of white blankets of snow that cover their yards. What doesn’t often come to mind is flowers, considering there are many types of flowers that can’t withstand the cold that winter brings. This isn’t true for all flowers, however, as there are some variants that can thrive during this time of year, and they can be perfect additions to your garden. Find out more about winter flowers that you can plant this winter season.


Camellias bloom beautifully during winter, and they are a great way to add vibrant color during winter, which is great since trees in your yard will lose their color as a result of their leaves falling, making these flowers perfect for breathing new life into your yard.

Christmas Roses

We understand that the Christmas holiday is behind us, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy planting Christmas roses in your garden. In fact, these winter flowers thrive most during late winter. They are known for being long-lasting, with their blooms lasting for around one month, if not longer. They’re also low-maintenance, making them highly convenient flowers to have, and you can get them in a variety of colors, from pink to cream and more.


When you see daffodils rising up from the ground, it means that warmer temperatures are coming. These flowers offer your yard plenty of bright and vibrant color, as well as a fun petal shape that makes them more eye-catching to passersby. They grow very quickly, and they’re the perfect type of flower to use around rock gardens and flower beds.


Pansies are winter flowers that are known for the perfume-like aroma they provide. They come in different colors, like purple, yellow, red, and blue. An interesting fact about pansies is that they are even edible, meaning you can use them as garnishes for meals you prepare. This means you can get use out of your pansies even when you’re not incorporating them into your garden.

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